Music and literacy to prepare the Heart and Mind for lifelong learning

Music and literacy to prepare the Heart and Mind for lifelong learning

Prepare the Heart and Mind for lifelong learning.
Choose from one of the following Pathways:

Heart Strings

A daily instructional music method that introduces the joy of playing the violin while preparing the heart and mind for learning.

Solo Strings

Individual multisensory music tuition inspired by the Suzuki Method, offered in violin and viola.

Literate Minds

A total language arts approach that integrates spelling, writing and reading into every lesson using the Spalding Method.

About Heart and Mind Pathways

A unique learning environment that prepares the Heart and Mind for lifelong learning by connecting neural Pathways

Neural pathways are key for a healthy brain. Making neural connections is necessary for the regulation of emotions and the acquisition of knowledge. Neural pathways enhance memory and help people think with their heart and mind. At Heart and Mind Pathways, the heart is nurtured and the mind is trained through the integration of explicit, sequential and multisensory instruction in both music and literacy, using all pathways to the brain. Heart and Mind Pathways is founded on the firm belief that each child has been gifted with their own unique talents and will flourish in the right environment. Heart and Mind Pathways creates a safe and supportive space and employs evidence-based teaching methods to optimise each student’s individual capacities. Through the continual process of building and strengthening neural pathways, retention is improved and students are supported to develop a love of lifelong learning.

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