About Heart and Mind Pathways

I am often asked, “What does the teaching of music and literacy have in common?”

My answer is simple:

Teaching music and literacy in an explicit, sequential and multisensory way will nurture the heart
and train the mind’s neural pathways for lifelong learning.

At Heart and Mind Pathways, students are taught to fully engage their hearts and minds in learning. Students learn to hear, see, say and do using all four sensory pathways to the brain, with the stronger pathways reinforcing the weaker ones. Students learn to feel and think for themselves while being given evidence-based tools to help them do so. Every child deserves the right to reach their full potential. Heart and Mind Pathways prepares students for lifelong learning, allowing them to follow their heart to flourish in whatever it is they wish to pursue.

About Bronwyn

Heart and Mind Pathways Founding Director

I trained as a classical musician, graduating from the Victorian College of the Arts in 1989. I played the viola professionally, and I have continued to teach both the violin and the viola.

I home schooled my own four children and have been teaching literacy to individuals, in small groups, in school classrooms and to professionals using the Spalding Method since first training in 2002. I fully qualified as a Spalding Certified Teacher Instructor in 2015, and I now run training for school teachers, speech pathologists, students’ parents and anyone else who is interested.

I am passionate about music and literacy learning and their impact on brain development. I believe that all children can flourish in the right environment. I am confident that the methods of teaching implemented at Heart and Mind Pathways provide students with the skills and knowledge to follow their heart while developing their mind.